dear diary

 ...sometimes you do a show that means something more than the average one to you...

we played with sightings and bill orcutt last night at the hemlock. it's a good feeling that's inside my (our?) body. was a great time, sightings we're nice dudes. was cool to play with a band I've been into since 2002, rummaging around @ the church (RIP) in Minneapolis. we all appreciate how they work with their sound and how it's changed over the years. if you have no idea, start anywhere in their world of music output... 
orcutt too, really great/unique. a veteran, he was in harry pussy. was one of his first solo appearances in over a decade i guess... was a room of respectful listeners to some serious alien blues.

we had fun too. all-improvised set. filling up the room with some dark gray water noise. scott locked the groove, ray drove the piece, ross offered up, i tried to stay tru. some dude in the audience was hecklin, sayin dumb shit, fuck that dude.

ahhh, spring feels good.
hope you are.
somebody get us out of here,
have us over..