so, we've been doing our thing. summer has been good.

we went and visited our birth land (Minnesota) and played some shows.

we got voted "best noise band" by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Scott's  recording our friends, raccoons, first full length, in which we all dabble cameo-wise, and it's sounding killer.

working on some upcoming releases...

PIECE, our 'lost' ep should be out on vinyl this fall.

we will be doing a short west coast tour with Indian Jewelry as support for Holy Fuck the second week in October, our first since we released 'To Realize'... 

other than that, we're in that always-refreshing zone where we get all conceptual and free at the same time and start developing new music.

...so it's back to school for us and you and everything. 

..the snake eats itself again. 


X, Nick Barbeln (that's B-A-R-B-E-L-N, you fucking assholes)